What is involved in your medical weight management program?

If it was easy to lose weight and keep it off, then 67% of the adult Australian population would not carry excess body weight.  Our program involves looking at what has driven your weight gain in the past and what is preventing you from achieving weight loss goals now.  This includes assessing lifestyle factors but, knowing that diet and exercise alone does not usually result in significant long-term weight loss, we also consider other potential strategies.  These strategies involve carefully reviewing your medications to try and find alternatives to any weight promoting medications that you might be taking.  We also assess whether weight loss medications may be helpful and, if so, which ones.


What qualifications and background do the weight management doctors have?

Dr Carol Huang

Carol is a specialist physician.  She is a qualified specialist in respiratory (lung) and sleep medicine.  She holds SCOPE certification in obesity management and has several years’ experience leading the Canberra Health Services Obesity Medicine Service.  She is currently the Director of the Respiratory & Sleep Department at Canberra Hospital.  Her background gives her extensive experience managing very low-calorie diets, anti-obesity medications and in the medical assessment for bariatric surgery.  Her specialisation in sleep medicine allows her to manage both excess body weight, as well as one of the most common complications of excess body weight – sleep apnoea.


Dr Richard Singer

Richard is a specialist physician.  He is a qualified specialist in renal (kidney) medicine and holds SCOPE certification in obesity management.  He has over 15 years’ experience as a staff specialist in renal medicine in Western Australia and the ACT.  Since 2019 he has been the lead physician for the Canberra Hospital Renal Weight Management Program.  In this role he has extensive experience in reducing weight promoting medications and appropriately using anti-obesity medications.  His specialisation in renal medicine provides expertise in managing two common complications of excess body weight – high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.


Will I lose a lot of weight?

Long-term, significant weight loss is hard and almost always requires a lot of personal effort.  Our job is to effectively and safely help you lose weight.  With a combination of lifestyle intervention and modern weight loss medications, people commonly lose around 15% of body weight but everyone responds differently to treatment.  A particular weight loss is not guaranteed.


What people are suitable for your weight management program?

People with excess body weight, especially those that have medical complications related to excess bodyweight.  Common complications of excess body weight are sleep apnoea, kidney disease, high blood pressure, some cancers and diabetes/pre-diabetes.